Epilight and Scarring


I have gotten 7 or 8 epilight treatments on my bikini area since March, 2001. I have light skin and black hair. After each treatment, 90% of the hair falls out within two weeks, and then it all grows back after about two months.

When I went in for a treatment yesterday, the tech decided to increase the intensity in hopes of actually getting some results. Unfortunately, it was so painful that after two flashes I asked her to lower the intensity. She did, but the treatment was still more painful than I remember it.

The scary part is that now I have what seem to be burns all over my bikini area. The area that she treated with the first two flashes is a maroon/brown color. Other areas have bright red rectangles, and there are red dots where the hair was, as well as some tiny red lines, almost as if the hair burned right onto my skin.

I got a tan about two months ago, but it is almost completely faded, and the burns are on both tanned and un-tanned skin, so I don’t think that is the reason why.

I am very very worried about this because I have never had any scarring with previous treatments. Does anyone have any experience with this? I’m not sure what to do, if the burns will go away, or if I should ever get another epilight treatment. Please help me–the burns look absolutely hideous, and the clinic doesn’t open again until monday, and I am freaking out!!


Wow, sorry to hear about the burns! :frowning:

Definitely avoid any sun in the area, and put a lot of burn ointment or aloe gel on the area. Try to avoid tight clothes that rub the area, or irritating fabrics.

The marks should fade, although it may take several weeks, or in the worst case months.

You should also talk to the technician about what changes in treatment parameters she did. If she didn’t go back to the original parameters from previous treatments after your first two painful blasts, she should tell you why.

Usually these things fade completely, but if you get blistering or scabbing, you may want to see a dermatologist.

Keep us posted, and try not to worry-- treat it like a mild burn, and you should come out OK.