Epilight - 1 year later & it's all back :(

In my experience, it seems like I would need to have a treatment done every 4 months on a continual basis. The majority of the hair seems to stay away for about 3 months and then it starts to grow again. I’ve had several Eplight treatments and it has now been exactly 1 year since my last treatment. The hair has all grown back . . . not what I was expecting. :frowning: I was reading a brochure from one of the doctors and it also said that to maintain a hair free body, regular treatments will be necessary every 3 or 4 months. I’ve spent a fortune and although I loved not having to wax, I personally feel the cost of the treatments are way too high for something that needs continual maintance. If it was “permanent” like I was led to believe, then I would not hesitate to lay out the money. But it just seems like a lot of money to spend on a temporary method. Has anyone else let a year lapse between treatments and found that they had more success than I did and if so, what method did you use.

I have the same problem,my hair returns back to its original starting point and hardly any reduction. Back hair returns in week 10-12. Going in for 15th tx soon , will max out the energy and go for longest pulse.

I have had good success with the Aurora on my arms, chest,and abs. But the Aurora is not pure IPL, it is IPL combined with RF energy. Laser has worked better on some areas, and the Aurora better on others.