Epilators for men

I have hairs on legs chest and arms and I recently started shaving. I wanted to know what epilator would be a good one for men.
I am in toronto and I saw this one on walmart. http://walmart.ca/Canada-HealthAndBeauty.jsp?selection=listingDetails&page=hb&assetId=47326&imageId=65262&departmentId=14&categoryId=650&tabId=9

Is it worth it or should I look for other ones?

Hi there

I have the exact same model in the women’s version (in pretty pink). Sorry I can’t help ya with the men’s.

Prior to this, I used the Braun’s brand epilator. Everyone is different but the Braun’s equivalent worked significantly better for me. I had no problems with the Braun. The results were better than I expected and it cost only $40CAD.

After a few years I got rid of the Braun to “upgrade” (or so I assumed since it cost so much more LOL) to the Remington. I’ve been using it for almost a year now mainly on my legs (some arms). At first the only thing I noticed was that it wasn’t as effective/takes longer to remove the hair. But over time it also began creating lots of ingrown hairs and even minor scars/bruise-like textures. I’ve switched back to the old ghetto razor for the time being :(. So disappointing. Could just be my odd experience.

I’d recommend the Braun. Easily.

Hi, I actually sell epilators that are marketed at women, and would you believe that most of my customers are men not women! They’ll all do the same job I’m sure.

Hey bub, I have the Emjoi. It is a hir removing beast. I have done my whole legs and arms. It hurts like the devil, but I like it more than waxing.

I’m a dude and I’ve been using the Braun Silk Epil for about 4 years now. Works great for me. Use it everywhere. Including the genital area and butt crack. Yep, the ol’ butt crack. Don’t ask me how I do it, but let’s just say it takes some real flexibility…LOL nah, not really, just a special toool shall "I say. OK, it’s a bedside commode with an open bottom. Just reach under and get in there!

Anyway, yeah I do get ingrowns from time to time, but usually they can be diminished or elimated with a once-over with a regular razor. As the razor will scrape off that bit of overgrown skin that covers the hair.

As for pain…it seems the arms hurt the most. Especially around the inside on the elbow. And around the hands as well. Everywhere else, with the exeption of the ol’ butt crack, it doesn’t hurt at all.

The trick is, that once you’re relatively hair free and you just epilate to get the stray hairs that grow back in different growth cycles, you hardly feel it. In fact, what you do feel, actually feels good.

Basically, the rule of thumb is this, the denser and/or longer the hair is that you’re epilating at any given time equals the amount of pain you will feel. Epilate a couple stray hairs here or there, you will hardly feel it. Epilate a clump of hair somewhere, an it’ll hurt like the devil. Why do you think waxing is so painful? You’re pulling a shitload of hairs out at the same time.

I’m a guy and I use a Silk Epil by Braun. Actually, it’s the same one the Lincoln6Echo uses. I know, because I bought mine after reading his review of it on Amazon.

I totally agree with the other guys, it might be pink, or powder blue like mine, but it’ll do the job. I’ve noticed that Emjoi now has an epilator for men. It’s black and has a much more masculine price…to do the same thing as the others. Geez, marketers. You don’t have to get an epilator labeled for men for it to work on your body hair.

Thanks for the info.

I would like to know, particularly from men, and especially hairier men, if using an epilator will eventually more or less permanently get rid of my hair.

This is what I want, my whole body smooth except my face and head. I can’t afford to pay for other things. (I will not do electrolysis for many important personal reasons.)

I heard of a few guys who say they have removed all of their body hair with an epilator and it hardly comes back except a few tiny stray hair if at all. How long does it take until this stage? Does it only happen randomly for a few guys, and everyone else has to us an epilator forever or the hair will grow back in?

I read on this site that epilators don’t stop hair from growing, that they make the hair that grows back coarser. So I would like to make sense of all of this contradictory information I am getting from different sources. Thanks.

Yes, any hair removal with the root can cause the hair to become more coarse and stronger because the body goes into “repair mode” and increases blood supply to the area.

Removing hair with the root doesn’t prevent hair from growing. It’ll either stay the same or it will get more coarse.

Also, epilators are notorious for making the hairs curlier and inducing ingrowns after a while.

Electrolysis and laser are the only methods that remove hair permanently, currently. Everything else is either exaggeration or a scam. Whoever says they removed the hair and it’s gone for good is likely judging too early, i.e. commenting when they haven’t given it enough time for the hair to grow in again.

What exactly are your reasons against electrolysis? Thousands of people do it successfully.