Epilators for Facial Hair

I’ve been trying for quite some time to find an effective method for my facial hair. I have a Braun Silk Epil Eversoft epilator that I use on my arms and legs except that one just doesn’t work on my face.
I’ve shaved my face for several years. However, stubble is a real problem with this. Shaving often only lasts a few hours and even immediately after shaving, there is often some visible stubble, which I really don’t like. Shaving also has the problems of skin irritation and cuts, and some skin care products are problematic to use in combination with shaving everyday. I sometimes tweeze facial hair when I have time, which helps shaving last a little longer. But it would take a very long time to tweeze my whole face, and would need to be done fairly often. Recently, I’ve been using regular Tweezerman tweezers. I also tried the Emjoi Beauty Forever and you can read my post in the Electric Tweezer forum if you’re interested in my experience with that.
I’ve read about electrolysis and laser. What I’ve heard about them indicates that either method would be extremely expensive and timely. I am Caucasian but have fairly dark skin and a combination of light and dark hairs so I don’t know if laser would be a good option for me or not. I’ve also considered anti-androgens which could help improve the effectiveness of any hair removal method, but I’ve read that weight gain is a potential side effect, which I would not want. Anyone who knows of anything such as an epilator that might work better on facial hair, or another method that could eliminate the problems of shaving that I mentioned above, please post it here. Thank you!

Just a few more things to help anyone with advice, I have some fairly coarse hairs on my face whereas any hair on the rest of my body is very fine. Both of my parents have facial hair and I think my dad even has a lot more than I do. I am 20 years old and I really need to find a solution to my facial hair problem. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!