Epilator with a hair inhibitor ?

Do you think it would be a good idea to use a hair inhibitor with a epilator (so the hair stops growing back) ?

Most hair growth inhibitors just don’t work or don’t work as well as they claim to work. But some work to some extent, it really depends on the produc and on the person (some people seem to be very sensitive to some products, others to not respond at all to them).
Most of the hair inhibitors out there are scam and hence it wouldn’t make a difference if you rubbed it on after removing your hair with an epilator or not. But for those who do work and/or might work on you, it is a plus, indeed.
Say, applying Vaniqa after epilating is a good idea. A friend of mine uses the epilator for her moustache (no kidding, ouch!) and then rubs Vaniqa over it. She says that she thinks that Vaniqa works better (the hair takes even longer to grow back) when she applies it right after epilating.
Personally, I never tried Vaniqa and have tried many hair inhibitors or retardant stuff, and while most didn’t work, I must admit that the Jergens lotion seems to help with making the regrowth a little slower. I do apply it right after I use my Discrette Plus, which is an epilator very similar to the Emjoi, The Braun Silk-Epil, etc.