epilator questions


I am thinking about buying an epilator and hope that you can give me some advice/opinion as to what’s out there. (I have never used one before.)
I noticed that Consumer reports rated the Epilady Discrette Plus as their top choice. But the Braun seems seems to be the most popular on the forum. What are the major differences/reasons?

Also, does anyone know anything about the Panasonic Bikini Shaper & Trimmer?


The Discrette Plus has this little spinning thingy that brushes against the skin as you epilate, which some find makes treatment more bearable. The Braun device is a little better in terms of quality and craftsmanship and will probably hold up better if you’re doing large areas.

The Panasonic and other bikini trimmers are hard to nick yourself with, but they usually don’t give as close a shave. That also means many people don’t get as much irritation or ingrown hairs. There’s more discussion of these on the Mature Forums if you are planning to use it for more than your inner thighs.