Epilator Question?

Good morning, HairTell!

I am a new electrologist and I have been using a Fischer CBX epilator because that’s what I was trained on and what I felt most comfortable starting out with on my budget and experience.

However, I recently had one client try another electrologist in town and I am not sure who she chose, but I know that my biggest competitors have newer epilators. She said that she was going to continue treatments with the other electrologist because treatments were less painful and I can certainly understand that. One has a Evolution 5HD from Silhouettone and the other has what looks like an older model Apilus.

I have seen discussions with Skip Mahler and with Deedra regarding the various frequencies, etc. I have seen Deedra’s comments about how the Apilus offers more comfortable options for clients, etc.

I know some of you are probably thinking, because I’m new, that some the pain is coming from bad insertions, etc. However, I have had praise from many clients and only a handful who complain about pain.

However, I do not want to lose anymore clients for a reason like this!! So, I have a couple of questions?

1.) Does anyone see an issue with me using the Fischer CBX (will I achieve the same results with this epilator as compared to others)?

2.) I spent around $1,500 on the Fischer CBX from Texas Electrolysis Supply. If I were to purchase a new epilator, what would be the best, next step up in terms of comfort? I know the Apilus Pur is in the neighborhood of $11K and that is way over my budget. Also, at this time, training would be a bit of an issue.

Thank you to everyone who responds!!

Also, I just spent the last 30 minutes reading the manual on the Silhouet-tone and it looks like a nice machine! For the price tag, it doesn’t seem that bad. I am just wondering if the epilator can make that big of a difference!!

In my opinion, the next step up in comfort, price, and overall performance would be the Instantron Elite Spectrum.


Thank you for your response! Surprisingly, I was looking at that epilator before I purchased the CB-X. I have heard that Skip’s customer service is outstanding.

I have also read positive comments regarding the Elite Spectrum 4K. All of this is a bit confusing! I sure do wish I was able to attend the AEA convention this year! Maybe I will make the next one?

Thank you again!

The Instantron Elite Spectrum model K would put you on the same level as your competitors. Keep the CBX as a backup.


Thank you so much! I would definitely keep the CBX as a backup!

My next equipment upgrade will include an Instantron Elite Spectrum model K and a Clareblend Elegance Plus Hinkel-Blend epilator. In my opinion, this would be the best of both worlds.