epilator on back?

hey does anyone know if you can get use an epilator on a guys back for touch ups? i was looking at getting one, but thought it would be best to check before shelling out the cash. any experiences with that?

I used to remove my back hair with rotary epilator. It worked fine. I have a lot of hair. Just make sure your skinn is clean. You can wash your skinn with desinfection fluid before removing hair (I meen this fluid one has in the first aid kit, I don’t know exactly how you say it in english). Then when you have removed the hairs, clean the skinn again, gently though. And don’t shower afterwards, let the pores close. This is how I did it anyway. The good thing is that you don’t have to wait for the hairs to become long to remove them again, but this is the case when you wax.

i heard that the epilitors cause your skin to get all funny looking like oat meal… is that true?

what is oat meal?
My skinn didn’t change but it was irritated and red for a day afterwards. Sometimes you get ingrowns, but that seems to be unusual on the back. I epilated my hole upper body with this machine many times and got ingrowns on my chest and arms, but just a few on my back that also were easy to get out of the skinn. I think you get more ingrowns were there is more flesh, like inner tighs, back side of upper arms, chest etc.
Has anybody had a different experience with epilating or waxing their back?

Personally I found epilators agaonising on my back. Although I can wax my back and any other part of my body and manage the pain quite easily.

To be fair though, I have extremely tough roots for some reason, so alot of my hairs broke off or just got pulled and didn’t actually come out, thus irratating my skin to no end.

I dunno, I’m goign on holiday in 3 days and wished I had neevr epilated and just trimmed the hairs to make it look like theres less of them.

But anyways, hope this has helped,