Epilator Dilemma?

so, i thought it would be a good idea to give an epilator a try.
so i invested in the best one on the market apprently, the ’ braun silk epil xpressive’

but to be honest, i have found that its not very good on my arms, and im quite disapointed in it.
so i want to know would it be better to buy either of these.

both have 72 tweezers.
can you tell me if these are better and which i should go for? as at the minute the one i have is just snapping the hairs on my arms.
thanks! and leaving them un-smooth

A delayed response but my emjoi gently gold gets most of my arm hairs. It certainly snaps plenty of them instead, but it does a better job than shaving would, and if you wait a day or two, the broken hairs grow out a bit and you can give them another try.

I think some breakage is inevitable with these methods, since arm hair isn’t as strong as leg hair or bikini hair.

In my experience, the trick is moving the epilator extremely slowly on the slowest setting. So while you can easily do an arm in 5 minutes or less, I noticed a huge difference by taking a bit longer.