Epilator causing ingrown hair?

Is it true? Any experiences? I haven’t had this problem…but all my friends have…

I am having alot of ingrown hairs after epilation.But I also used to get them from shaving and plucking.
don’t know what to do…

The best things to do are to exfoliate and moisturize. Once the redness subsides, you should use a body scrub on the treated area. Once out of the shower, put some Tend Skin on, then moisturizer. This should greatly reduce ingrowns.

I did pretty much exactly that for some time (about 6 months). Unfortunately, I seem to have a predisposition to ingrown hairs (a frequent problem resulting in body acne even if not epilating/shaving). It was exacerbated badly by the epilating.

That, combined with the fact that epilating apparently caused enough trauma to send my hair straight into adagen (I could epilate Monday morning and have enough regrowth to do it again by Tuesday) caused me to stop epilating and switch back to shaving.

I’m currently looking into LHR/electrolysis for a permanent solution…I’m figuring that it will also help clear up the recurring body acne problems that tend to plague me (nothing too horrible, now that I’m not epilating).