What exactly is epilation? I have black course hair on my chin and I am looking for a cheap way to remove these at home. It doesnt matter if it is permenant or not. I just need something doesnt give me a shadow by the afternoon. I am a woman, so this is very embarassing. Would an epilator work for my face? WOuld it leave scarring or brusing or redness when it is done? How long does the hair have to be before I could use it? I don’t like for this hair to visible, so I shave daily.

Please Help!

just a quick tip that comes from personal experience… it took one laser treatment (lightsheer) to get rid of the shadow on my chin. the best £35 i’ve ever spent. of course, it didn’t get rid of all the hair, but enough so that i could shave every 2-3 days (rather than daily) and think about where to take it from there.

good luck.

How much is £35 in American dollars?

at today’s exchange rate, it’s probably around $60ish, but that’s irrelevant. prices vary greatly depending on your location and the practitioner. shop around. to be honest, i would’ve paid 10 times that just to get rid of the shadow. i still have 6 more laser treatments to go and probably some electrolysis afterwards. it’s a long journey, to be sure, but it’ll be worth it.


Epilation is the removal of both the [dead] hair shaft and the ‘underskin’ [living] root portion.

The hairs you’re talking about sound like they are ‘terminal’ hairs. If that’s the case and there aren’t too many of them I would just pluck them. (reportedly, in women, epilation of fine, non-terminal hairs can induce them to grow thicker and become terminal in time).

You can indeed use an epilator on your face (but not too many people do this because it hurts). There is just some temporary redness and maybe a smidgen of blood from deep, coarse hairs that have been removed. As far as length goes, most hairs that you can tweeze, you can also epilate.

However you epilate them, they will always come back – so it’s great to get rid of them permanently with electrolysis and/or laser.

Hi, I definitely would go with laser. Even if it meant saving, driving or flying, and partial treatments. It’s a lifelong thing you’re looking at. A laser treatment won’t cost much more than an epilator and will have far better long term results even with one or two treatments, and you can pluck the rest. You’re not talking about a big area, that’s the thing. Epilating on the face is a little more risky. I tried a small area and stopped, bumps led to razor bleeds, very significant razor bleeds, I’m a guy. Hope this helped.


If you decide to have laser, you may want to start your search for a good electrologist to finish the job as laser on the face is “iffy” in regard to outcome. It appears that most people need the final punch or clean-up with electrolysis for the hairs left behind, which are too light for a laser to target. For some who are great candidates for laser, for some reason it doesn’t work very well on the hormonally crazy face. You just have to find a good laser practioner with the proper laser for your skin type.

If you have a lot of hair on your face, tighten your seat belt because it will take time and patience and money no matter whether you have laser or electrolysis or a combination of both. You will be happy in the end if all is done correctly by competent practioners.


You better read very carefully the site: ElectrolysisInformation.com before you do anything.

A few good electrolysis treatments may be all you need.