Epilation and hair growth

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I have been having electrolysis on my face for a few years now, and starting to see the benefit. However, my electrolysist advised me that plucking hairs can cause the blood supply to the root to increase, which can cause the hair to grow stronger.

I’ve thought about buying an epilator machine, but the concerns about causing hair to grow stronger are in my mind. So, I’ve come on this site to try to get a definitive answer.

Does pulling hair out, either using an epilator or waxing cause the root of the hair to grow stronger over time?

I would appreciate any knowledgeable replies.

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  • Yes, plucking can do that for some people on certain areas

  • It sounds like your electrolysis treatments are going on too long. It shouldn’t be taking this long if you’re getting proper treatments.

  • Are you plucking WHILE getting electrolysis? That’s a big no no.

I assume when you say epilator machine, you mean a rotary epilator that pulls the hair out mechanically (like an epilady) as opposed to a professional electrolysis machine?

Using a rotary epilator and plucking and waxing do the same thing (tear the hair out) and not only can they make the hair worse they will seriously throw off and prolong your electrolysis treatments.

Cutting or shaving the area between treatments is ok. But your plucking may be why your electrolysis treatment has taken years.