Epilating Post LHR Treatment

Hello Again:

There doesn’t seem to be a difinitive answer to epilating post last LHR treatment.

Would anyone know if it is OK to do this? Two consults said they didn’t know, last one said “ABSOLUTELY YES!”



If you plan on having more laser treatments then I say do not epilate or wax the hairs. Yes some of them are shedding and plucking them would be ok but you must realize that some of the hairs may have been missed and plucking them will just prolong your treatments. Shave or use a dipilitory creame if you must but the safe bet is to avoid plucking while you are having laser treatments.

Thank you Balius:

I read the post on your hair removal saga. You hit so close to home, I thought I was writing the post. Except for being a female and not having my full body lased we have had similar hair removal experiences.

The hairs on my legs would grow so fast, like you, that it did feel like I had cactus needles scraping my other leg! No one that I’ve spoken to understands that. Two hours post shaving my legs, they would break out in a big red itchy rash. The same with my bikini area, itchy, red, rashy and sleeping was a nightmare. Always a Benadryl on board. The rest of my body was managable, but I thought since I was getting full bikini and legs, why not throw in the abdomen, underarms, parts of the chest, chin, and upper lip.

Waxing was something I would do every six weeks, but the hairs growing back in would cause me so much irritation that I had to find something permanent, just like you.

I was nodding my head in agreement when I read your post. Thanks for telling us about your experience, it sure helps.

And thanks for letting me know about epilating. The reason I ask is because I go to a sunny part of the world to swim and where I go is pretty remote. Hairs grow and I am sick of shaving because I am forever cutting my face, legs, and privates all the time. Last year I bought an epilator and I’ve used it several times while on vacation where I wear a swimsuit. Hopefully this year I will not have to use it, but just in case.

Thanks again for repsonding to my question and for sharing your story.