Epilating as a alternative

Hiya, heres the thing, Iv’e been being waxed for the past couple of months and alls been going well up to now, unfortunatly Iv’e had to leave my part time job (being 16 and all) due to study and basically have no means to afford waxing.

So I figured another option is epilating (seeing as I cant bare shaving, it irritates me and leaves a funny look to the skin when wet etc.). Iv’e heard some people saying “it’s great it leaves me smooth etc.” and others saying “it causes ingrowns, if your a perfectionist don’t use a epilator”.

Basically I just want smooth skin, I don’t care if I have to do it ever 3 days, really just as long as it leaves me smooth and doesn’t leave any hairs.

So whats been peoples experience with these, do they work? do they remove all the hair? or are they just a pain in the rear end?

Thanks for your time,

Epilating is far better than waxing. It costs just a fraction of ongoing waxing, and you can do it at midnight in your bathroom. Also, epilators will pluck out hairs with just a few days of growth while waxing needs some 3/8 to 1/2 of an inch for the wax cloth to adhere onto.

You will get ingrowns, no question, but you can minimize the cause and effect. Move your epilator slow across the skin on the slower barrel speed. This gives the hair a chance to release instead of snapping it due to sheer velocity. Exfoliate, use the tendskin recipe after a session to avoid the oatmeal skin texture, and never, ever, ever pick at any ingrowns. Ingrowns can fade over time and may not leave marks, but if you pick at them it becomes habit forming. Then, you will start looking like somebody put cigarettes out on your legs for the past two years.

The better you get, you’ll be able to cut your epilating time in half, but it takes practice holding it at the correct angle and being able to know how to position yourself to get all of the areas. My advice is don’t turn into a perfectionists, just get most hairs and be done with it. Look in the archives about mixing shaving with epilating. It’s a great way to go.

One thing I really did like about epilating is the way they leave your skin. They leave it with a more naturally hairless look, like a glazed look. Saving makes it look almost too smooth and babyish. Epilating leaves you with something I could only describe as an ‘outdoorsy sheen’ look.

Just know that you may want to consider an electrolysis plan, and if you do, epilating and electrolysis (and laser) don’t mix. You have to have hair there to pursue those removal methods. And, I kind of think that hair is never the same once you pluck it. Overall, plucking/epilating is not good. Shaving is way better. Epilator companies have discover a niche market of people that don’t want to shave, don’t like Nair, and can’t afford electrolysis or laser. And they have cashed in on the hair removal merry-go-round.

Also know that tanning and epilating don’t go together well either. When a hair is plucked, it leaves behind actual pigment that has been yanked out of the bulb. That pigment stays in your skin and then tans deeper than the rest of your skin. The result is something that looks like a freckle but much smaller and numerous. That is the singlemost solitary reason I would never ever go back to epilating, because these spots can stay there for quite awhile.