epila home unit(WARNING!)

I have made up mind to purchase an epila home laser kit but have a couple of questions that you may be able to help me with.

Can the unit be used in the uk with uk voltage?

Has anyone used one of these and do they work?

Who is the cheapest supplier?

When i get one i’ll let you Know if it’s a rip off are not.

Thanks for any comments you may post

hi, I don’t know bout the voltage…I to baught one , and should be getting it today UPS…I baught mine off E-Bay for 295.00…

Hi Jenny
Can you tell me what voltage and Hertz you opperate on over in the states,
Just been on ebay uk, but the only thing that comes up are some foriegn stamps. Any other idea’s would be appreciated.

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hi, I will ask my husband when he gets home tonight about the voltage, I am not sure…you cannot access items for sale in the US through E-Bay? There are several for sale right now in the US…Jen

in the US it is 110, and where you are is 220, you can use the Epila with either one…

Hi jenny
thanks for the info re-voltage. I have just read a post from andrea re garding the epila.She appears to be very negative about the whole thing.

Has yours arrived yet? can you let me know as soon as it does.I have still got some questions.I guess i can wait a couple of days to see how you go on before i order one.

it should be here today, I definitely will let ya’ll know if it is a scam…I will post soon…

I tried mine out today, it definitely is doing something! It is to soon to tell if it is permanent yet , but the area I did do, is smooth as can be…i will keep ya posted as to long term…

Jenny, did you shave first? When you say smooth, do you mean the hair fell out after you lasered?

yes …the hair came out after I lasered…i shaved 2 days before I started lasering…it is to soon to tell if it is long term yet, but I am definitely satisfied so far…it is definitely slowing the hair growth …

Not to reign on your guys parade but some things seem a bit worrying to me about this product you are purchasing.

From their web site;

Product structure: Main body, Adapter Operating Voltage: 110/220V 60Hz Wavelength: 808nm Size: 280 X 175 X 65 mm Material: ABS & etc. Power Supply: DC 12V 1200mA Adapter

The mains power is very low for a semi-conductor laser. 12 Volts DC x 1.2 Amps = 14.4 Watts. This is not much more power then most diode pointing devices. Compercial lasers like the LightSheer ET which I was treated with draw over 12 Amps from the 120 Volt AC Mains for a power consumption peak of over 1600 Watts.

Also it is speced for 60Hz operation not the 50Hz that exists in the UK though I imagine the AC/DC converter brick will function well enough given the low power that is being converted.

I am not stateing for fact that the Epila will not work but that you should be skeptical of any home do-it yourself kit.
One last pet peeve of mine is that the instructions and general language used on their web site, is at best, lacking in coherency and technical correctness.

Be careful as 14 Watts continuous power is more then enough to burn skin and hair if held in place to long. My concern is can it effectivly generate the peak heat needed to kill the hair germ cells without causing too much collateral damage to the surrounding tissues. This is why commercial lasers have such high power so they can deliver the energy in short bursts that minimise the time for heat to travel to the surrounding tissues.

</font><blockquote><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>quote:</font><hr /><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>One last pet peeve of mine is that the instructions and general language used on their web site, is at best, lacking in coherency and technical correctness.</font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>This is what made me so dubious about purchasing the product. Even basic words like “precautions” are misspelled; and in big, blue, bold print no less. My knowledge of these devices is minimal at best, but on eBay it’s advertised as a “permanent home laser hair removal” system. Everything I’ve read about lasers (including stuff on hairfacts.com) has lead me to believe that they’re not a method which will result in permanent removal. I realize that results will, of course, vary from person to person, but the way they advertised it really put me off.

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Hi jenny
Seems to be alot of intrest in this unit, most of it negative. Have you any more results or experience’s with the laser that you can let us Know about.
Stuff like how much area can you clear and how long it takes? , can it overheat or burn the skin?
do all the hairs drop out straight away or do you have to wait 10 days while they shed?
Has the unit got a waranty if so for how long?,and would you recomend it or should i wait until you have had more time to judge the results?

hi, you can only treat one hair at a time…so it is very time consuming…so far I am happy with the results…yes this laser can burn the skin if not used correctly… I will keep you all posted as to long term…it is still to soon to know how permanent this is. But I can tell you when using, it is alot faster than plucking, and it rids the hair


Now you’ve had a few months of using the Epila system, what are your opinions, are you still positive, have you achieved permanent hair reduction?