Epil Stop cucumber melon

Hi, There is a new epil stop called cucumber melon or something like that. I heard that the old one does not work, but do you think that they changed the ingredents and this one may work better. I do not expect it to permenently remove the hair, but i want something to use daily to get rid of stubble every day for the summer. After the summer i am going to seek laser hair removal, but I want a temporary daily method that is easy to do. I tried waxing befor also but I got a ton of zits from it and my skin broke out like crazy so I am not up for waxing again.
Thanks for any replies

A lot of people report that the Epil-Stop products don’t dissolve coarse hairs. Plus, I like to encourage people to buy from reputable companies, rather than the scum who run IGIA/Tactica.

I suggest trying Nair or Neet if you want to try a depilatory. They have been around for a long time and have good manufacturing standards. The scum who run Epil-Stop have had to pull their products in the past for making batches too strong and badly burning consumers.

Epil-Stop no longer makes false claims of permanent hair removal in their ads, but they are still a company to avoid.

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it seems that the merket of hair removal/reduction is really growing.

The local police where Epil Stop is based get calls all the time complaining about them.

Kalo doesn’t work at all. I’ve tried that. NO results.

Moreover, the conseption of “cheap product” is quite misleading. From the Microeconomics course - “The opportunity coast of doing something is the best forgone alternative”, what means that when you buy a $30 product, which is not proven to work you:

  1. Paying $30
  2. Spending time ordering it
  3. Spending time working with it
  4. Since it is not proven, you risk to get some harm from it (As people got scin cancer (milanoma) from X-ray hair removal method).
  5. You, most likely, do not use other kinds of products as you expect the current product to work.
  6. Finally, you may get disapointed when the product doesn’t work for you.

Specifically, when you sumarize all the expences caused by the product, you may came up theat it’s pretty expensive (Not only in terms of money, but in terms of other values as well).

So, “Since it’s cheap, I have nothing to loose” is not the point and should be reconsidered to ensure the optimal allocation of resources.

Good point, Teen, but there is a factor that’s harder to fit into an equations, which is that some people throw rationality out the window when making purchasing decisions.

Quacks know that if they set their product at a certain price like 20 or 30 bucks, they can “motivate trial” (to use the marketing term), and even with a money-back guarantee, they know many consumers won’t bother returning it. Some consumers are willing to gamble $20 on an unproven product to avoid paying much more on something that’s proven to work.

On the other end of the spectrum, some quacks successfully set a price that’s astronomical, knowing that some consumers will think, well if it’s that much, it MUST work!

It’s the reason places like Vegas are so wealthy. They know that some consumers think that they are special and will get lucky with an unproven product, no matter how badly the odds are stacked against them. Obviously, there’s no reasoning with consumers like this.

They say a lottery is a tax on people who are bad at math. I guess quackery is a tax on people who are bad at scientific evaluation.

The Epil-Stop does contain warnings: We have warnings on the instructions inside the box, on our website, and our Epil-Stop instructional video. Our own Clinical Research has shown very safe and effective in the removal of hair when the instructions are followed correctly.

Hi! Just wanted to write and say my boyfriend got the Epil-Stop and Spray for me today, I used it on my arm first,just to test and it worked wonderfully!!No stinging, no redness, no hair remover smell at all!!!My skin was soft just like you said it would be, I am totally amazed!
Thanks and have a great day!!
Carma Downs

I bought some of Epil-Stop products couple days ago and I’am very satisfied.

I have been very pleased with your hair removal product Epil-Stop.
Deborah Adamietz

Just tried the Epil-Stop and Spray, Fantastic product.
lawbird97@aol.com :grin:

I’ve purchasd your Epil-Stop package a couple weeks ago and it had a great effect on my body. I’ve removed 27 yrs old growth that bothered me in the last 2-3 years on the entire top of my body(back and front)

I have previously purchased your Epil-Stop and Spray and i am extremely pleased with the results I have obtained.

I used your Epil-Stop product for the first time last night. I have to first of all say that I am very impressed. It really was as easy as the infomercial made it seem.
Dockery Carla

I bought and used your product Epil-Stop and Spray and it is by far the best hair removal procedure I have ever tried. It not only removes the hair better than any other system but it also leaves your skin super soft.
Jo Ann love

Thanks for making Epil-Stop. I just bought it today and I love it. It works great and my legs have never been smoother! Thanks
Rachel East

My name is Sophia and I live in Sweden. I bought your Epil-Stop some time ago from TV-Shop here in Sweden and I think it’s fabulous!!
Thank you very much,

I recently purchased your product from my local store after watching your informecials on TV for so long. I used it on a Monday and it did a great job at taking the hair off and I was pleased.
Thank you,
Ms. Cecchetto

Uhh, Amanda, why the heck do you keep posting fictitious posts after you already slipped and said that “your” product was safe and effective? Lying isn’t going to make your product any better.

Andrea, what’s going on here?

These are actual testimonials of satisfy customers that have used Epil-Stop & Spray products.