epil light. look at this

i was listening to the radio and i hear an add about hair removal so i called the # they said they used something called the epil light and they said it was one step better than the laser(it probbly is a laser) also they mentioned a garentee that if the hair ever grows back(after the 3 or 4 times you go) there wont be any charge for another treatment. i asked about price and the said its like 500 bucks for upper arms and shoulders for each treatment aslo you get a free consultation it sounds like this could be the answer for me there web site it hair today gone tomarrow

With my experience and what I have read, the Epilight would be the worst choice of all lasers.

Even if they did offer guarantees on the proceedures, there is a good chance you would have some permanent damage, as what happened in my case. What adds insult to injury, the damaging procedures did little or no damage to the hair follicules. This was all done with a plastic surgeon on the premise.

The results of the LightSheer diode laser has been much better,(burning lasted only 30 minutes instead of 15 hours) but since the treatments are 6 - 8 weeks apart, I can’t tell how permanent it will be until 6 months to a year after the last treatment. Note that most of the positive posts here are about the diode laser, and it is one of a few types that has FDA clearance for permanent reduction.


WOW! 15 hours is a hell of a long time after treatment to feel your skin burning! That was with the Epi-Light I assume. I only experienced about 15 minutes of a very slight burning sensation after the LIghtsheer treaments, about an hour or so after an Apogee treatment.



I posted a message a while ago about my experience with epilight and scarring. You might want to read that, and remember, the treatment will probably hurt, but if it hurts like hell, then your flesh might be burning.

I have had 7 or so treatments on an area with black hair and very pale skin, and so far I can’t report permanent results.

However, depending on how much money you have, the deal might not be a bad idea. I’ll probably continue to get treatments, not because I think they’re helping but because for $50 a treatment I don’t have to worry about hair removal for three months and don’t have any problems with irritation and ingrowns like I get with razors and wax. Also cuz I don’t have any more money for expensive lasers.

Oh, also I paid $375 for the first four treatments, and then $50 for every treatment after that.

EpiLight is a flash lamp, and the anecdotal reports suggest these devices have higher rates of seide effects and lower rates of effectiveness compared to lasers.

Recently i found a web site compare the 5 Laser Methods for hair removal at www.laserhairremovalreview. It seem like the new Pulse Light is better then diode or Nd:Yag Laser. Could anyone commend on it?

Seems like a good overview of laser and IPL technology. Dr. Jay is an IPL practitioner so he may have a bias toward that method. At least the diode lasers got a good review too. I have read magazine articles saying that IPL is the most advanced method but I don’t know how cridible their sources are.

I noticed that Dr. Jay admitted that even IPL will not work on white hair, while he did say it worked on blonde hair.


Yes, I basically like and recommend Dr. Jay’s info, but it is leaning toward a more favorable depiction of IPL than I’d give, especially in comparison to lasers. Operator skill is the most important thing, though.