Epil 2000

Hi, I’ve had electrolysis before on my face and its worked really well but I still have a lot of hair left to be sorted.

I have moved away since and am now far away from my electrologist. I have been trying to find electrolysis peoples in my area but can only find laser removal and this thing called Epil 2000.

Its a treatment that “sounds” better than electrolysis because it doesn’t leave you with the scarring etc. I spoke to someone who carries out the treatment and it sounds as if they apply a galvanic current and then wax away the hair.

1 treatment is about £45 and then its meant to be repeated at least 6 times.

Has anyone else tried this and has it worked?

I’m willing to put up the cash just because it sounds easier to cope with than the scarring (as I wouldn’t have to make up lies to my boyf/friends/family about having a rash)


And it doesn’t work for PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL.

If you want to have fancy waxing for the rest of your life, then go for it.

For more information:

You can also use the search feature for others here who have fell for similar scams.

Isn’t it fun how new people post now almost everyday about some “new AMAZING product” they discovered for $50-100 that leads them to believe they’ll be cured of all their hair forever. I wish more people understood marketing speak. I mean 99% of these products can be eliminated just by what they claim on their websites. i.e. if it sounds too good to be true, IT IS.

You mean people lie in print ads, TV commercials, and paid placement spots on quasi-news shows on TV?

Hi again, thanks for that… I didn’t think I could believe it but I couldn’t find anything to disbelieve… I’ve now reasserted my firm scepticism in anything and everything.


You mean people lie in print ads, TV commercials, and paid placement spots on quasi-news shows on TV?

Unfortunatly, some people plant misinformation inside unsuspecting people who unknowingly spread those lies.

Yes, you never know what agenda is being forwarded, or what motives are behind some people’s actions.

I am going threw the epil 2000 treatment myself now, and after only a few treatments i have noticed that the hair comes out much easier and that at least half of the roots are coming out with the hairs. Am not saying or claiming that it works for everyone or that its a miracle cure.
The shop that i go to charges me £22.50 and I dont think that is very expensive for having all of the hollywood area and chin done. My specialist has not claimed that it will perm delete all the hair instantly, she has made reasonable claims that have already been proven.

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How does it work? The place near me says they apply a current to the skin and then wax away the hair. Is this what happened with you? Also where did you have it applied?