epi light success

I have had epi light treatment on my whole face and am very happy with the results. Its less painfull than electrolysis and the results lasts much longer. i have had three treatments so far and the re growth is much finer and less. The therapist recommends that its like a maintenence system. the hair will not completley go, but will dimish with time. regrowth depends on many factors such as hormaones, age, stress etc etc.
If you have light skin and dark hair - I would definately recommend trying out at least one session.

I would imagine it would be hard for something to last longer than permanent…

Epilight is not a LASER, it’s an IPL. If you have dark hair and light skin, you will probably get better results with a real laser, like Alexandrite or Diode which are good for this type of skin and hair combination. Touch-up treatments are usually 1-2 times a year, not more than that, after you complete the initial set of treatments. If you have more regrowth than that, you should probably try one of the real lasers above to see the difference. I’m having GentleLASE treatments (Alexandrite laser) with about 95% of hair gone.