Hi dear friends
I have some questions, is “Verseo ePEN Electrolysis Pen”'s result like “One Touch Home Electrolysis” and how can I buy one of those from a store in Toronto?
thank u

ePen is a scam. If you want to attempt electrolysis at home, you need to get a One Touch device with a hair-thin metal probe that can be slid into the follicle.

thank you for your help, I don’t know why I couldn’t find One touch in drug stores in Toronto!, I have to buy it by internet <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />


I have been using the ePen and it seemed to work real well for me.

I was debating between buying the one touch and the epen and contacted the manufacturer. They provided me information regarding some clinical studies that were done in the US that proved it works, and it does!!

You can buy it on the internet for shipping to Canada too.

I hope this is helpfull.


Mine just arrived in the post today (all the way from US to Australia) - You can get them cheaper on ebay than buying directly fromt he retailers.

Haven;t had much of a chance to use it yet - only did upper lip and “one” eyebrow (have to do the other soon obviously). What I did notice is that whilst the hairs didn;t “fall out” automatically - when I tweezed them afterwards they came out so easy and without any of the usual resistance which I thought was pretty cool. Guess the test will be in whether they grow back slowly/quickly or at all.

Obviously large patches like legs are gonna take quite awhile (and quite a few pads I’d say) so I’ll do a test area there and see how that goes as far as regrowth and I’ll keep this post updated to let others know how it works for me. I’ve got faily course black hairs and tanned skin just for the record. Very interested also to see how it goes on toe hair - I HATE toe hair and I tell you those buggers when they get waxed really kill! I’ll have a go at zapping them withthe Epen pad and the tweeze out the results and if they come out as easy as the eyebrows did I will be rather impressed!!

If you are not inserting into the follicle you will never get permanent hair removal, just easier tweezing.

Hi cyndii,
I am also from Australia and was thinking about the epen as an option for long term hair removal (rather than permeant) and so I was wondering how the epen worked for you?

I would be interested in hearing how you are doing in 6 to 8 weeks from now.

BTW. Here is something to consider:
How many hairs are you “treating” a week with the ePen?

Now multiply that number by 6 or 8. That is the actual number of hairs that you are dealing with.

Without seeing the “clinical” information, my best guess is that the ePen is is producing synapse fatigue but still doing the same amount of follicle damage that normal tweezing produces, which is know to stimulate hair growth.

It might feel better, but I can not see it destroying the regenerative tissues in the papilla and bulge of the follicle.