ePen vs. One Touch


Hey there! I am not sure which product is going to be most effective and am left to assume that the one that costs more is the way to go. However, if you have any information or experience with the ePen or One Touch Electrolysis I would like to hear about it. If there are other products out there that work better than the two mentioned, that I can use at home, and that won’t run me dry, please let me know.
Thanks for your time,
gracey lou


If those are the only things you will consider, go with the One Touch, but of course, there are better things out there. If you have been on this site for any amount of time, you know what else I would tell you about this whole thing, so I will just say here, read my other posts, or if you already have, reply what I have said in the past.

Pro Unit (galvanic or blend)


thanks for the tip

Can one person do under the chin of the face

With one touch . I got finally gone hair removal

off ebay & Two weeks ago & It never worked at all

& It seems now Igia Is using ebay as a home to

sell all of their juck . Right now I’m fighting

to get a refund by paypal or my Bank if I have to

I should had listen to your site . I’m so dum dum

I feel so pucked right now . roc

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A person is best capable of doing under the chin on SOMEONE ELSE rather than trying to do reverse insertions on themselves while looking in a mirror with their head tilted up and their eyes straining to look down at a reverse image and coordinate motion with that backwards information. In any event, self work is horribly slow. Slower than having a buddy do it, which is slower than having a good pro do it, which is still slower than having a GREAT pro do it. Pro units also have a stylus that is easier to hold and work with, so if you are going to do it yourself, then get the books, get a buddy Do-Each-Other and get a nice pro unit for the job.


Your right
Thanks I will have to find a bud to help .
I’ll look into a mirror last night
their is no way I can do under my
chin by my self . roc

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Mr Walker
I heard one touch system will let you know
when you are at the right place before you zap
is that true

razors starting to look much better for a day :fearful:


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