Entire Head Hair Removal...


I’m in search of anybody in the Delaware/Philly area that will do an entire head. I was leaning towards laser, then back to Electro, then laser (even going to meet with the doctor and learning they only "guarantee” 62% of my hair will not regrow) but now I’m leaning towards Electro again. I have been actively looking and researching for almost 2 years. I want total removal and am willing to take my time to do so.


May I ask why you would want your head’s hair removed?


… because I’m tired of shaving it every day & MachIIIs get expensive with my coarse hair…


Remember once it’s complete it is forever! When I treat eyebrows for permanent shaping I make the same remark, you cannot change your mind years later.

May I suggest you read carefully ElectrolysisInformation.com before you have treatment. It will help you find a good electrologist.