I was drwan by their claim that Enleve disolves the whole hair, including the root.

In order to test it, I used Nair on one leg, and Enleve on the other. Left both on for the maximum time, 10 min. (I know from many prior experiences that this is OK for me.)

The results were the same, with no evidence that Enleve removed anything under the skin, the hair grew back at just about the same rate. (The Nair leg a little slower.)

I feel that Enleve is just over priced, over promoted Nair.

Very true, 2hairy. Enleve is one of the many scam products that claims they can affect hair growth. Depilatories cannot afftect the growth rate of hair.

Sorry you got ripped off by these scum. :angry:

A word to everyone: if it’s a hair removal product sold on TV, avoid it!

I have a bad experience being burned by the Enleve chemicals worse yet the YouCanSave.com people I bought it from just ducked when I tried to tell them about it. The impression I got when purchasing the product was that was a permenant hair removal method. These people at YouCanSave are just a big scam, I wrote a more detailed description of what happened in my topic about “Burned by Enleve and YouCanSave.com

Thanks for the alert, Raf. These guys are definitely one to avoid! :angry: