Endorfun, my DIY project (Clareblend Miniblend)

Hello Everyone.

This is me: male, wanting to remove unwanted body- and some facial hair.

Equipment: Clareblend Miniblend. The machine retails at about 2700USD in my country(!) so I was pleased with getting a new one at only 2000$. Also I have read Bono’s book, to get some understandig of the machine and electrolysis.

The machine uses all three methods. I want to use blend on myself as I understand it is the best. But I can’t really figure out the settings? It also has an autoblend setting, can anyone explain how this works?

This far I have only testet the machine on a few hairs on my arm and chest using only the RF, to get a feeling of it.
How do I know when I’m applying enough current? should i use pain as a measure, or just ignore it and use seconds and release time? The latter is kind of difficult when doing it yourself… Any feedback, hints and help is more than appreciated! Hope I can keep myself motivated, learn and in time reach my goal

Pain is temporary. Glory, and hopefully hairremoval, is forever!