EMLA vs. pain pills

Right now for the pain I am taking Ultram pills during my appiontments. I have been doing this for a year or so and my doctor seems to be getting a little leary as to why I need these pills for so long, as they can be addicting.

I don’t even really like to take them, except for the pain relief they give me during my appointments. I am considering trying something like EMLA. I have read up about it on this site but was wondering if anyone could share their experinces with this product during their appt.'s or how the pain relief from EMLA compares to taking a Ultram. Is ther still a lot of noticable pain?

what area are you getting treated?

I have no experience with Ultram so I can’t compare. I used emla on my upper lip and chin and couldn’t have tolerated the thermolysis treatments without it. It worked fine for me. I’d put it on 30 mins before an appt, sometimes I also covered the area with plastic wrap (it’s supposed to enhance absorption). For my upper lip, I’d sometimes put the emla on an hour before. I got about 20-30 mins pain relief on the upper lip, which was fine because we’d never work more than that. I wasn’t 100% numb, like you get from novocaine, but it made the treatments totally tolerable.

hope this helps,

I am covering large areas on my thighs. My appiontments last an hour each. Does the EMLA last this long?

I have never tried pain pills but I have tried Emla and LMX-4 and 5. Emla did not work for me and wore off immediately maybe after 5 minutes of numbness. LMX-4 or 5 both work great for me though. I never do less than one hour treatments and they always last the entire time. On my face, about 45 mins. before treatment I rub it in and then apply a thicker layer. I do the same thing for my body but then I cover it with saran wrap. I have used it on my legs, stomach, chest, and underarms. It works great for me but is expensive bcs it does not require a prescription. LMX-4 is around $65 for a bigger tube. LMX-5 is about $75. Emla (when I bought it) was about $7 because I used my prescription insurance card. Unfortunately, just doesn’t work for me but I’m a big fan of LMX.

Jessie brings up a great point that I’ve read on these boards a lot. Some people are Emla people and some are LMX. I used LMX once and it didn’t numb me as well as the Emla nor for as long. So YMMV.

Also, for how long it lasts, I was told that it depends on how long you leave it on. So, for one hour of numbness, you should keep the cream on for one hour. Also, covering the area with plastic wrap really helps you absorb, so you’re number longer.