emla replacement


i startet treatment with electrolysis. The problem is, that emla doesn’t work on me. Besides ist very unpractical to use (with every treatment, you lose at least one hour). So i´m searching for something better/stronger, that dont need much time to work. It should be available in Europe or better in Germany. Can you recommend me something?


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The problem with most anestetics is that they are not designed to support out needs: we need the numbing agent a few mm beneath the surface of the skin. That seems to be demanding.

What is available here in Germany?

Well, there is EMLA and its generikum named Anesderm. And there is a product fom the Netherlands named Anestesis which is advertized to be effective faster than EMLA and without the need to cover it. Anestesis needs a prescription.

Which brings us immediately to the abovementioned problem: depth of penetration.

In practice Anestesis works if it is applied like EMLA, but then it is more cost effective.

No some exotic ideas / proposals: Lidocain spray. OTC only available for dental applications, especially in useful concentration. One of my clients swears on it, but i am sceptical because it did work very poorly on my upper lip.

Stud spray from the sex shop. I learned that from hairfacts. About 9% Lidocaine, the highest concentration which is freely available. In Germany as well. I never tried that.

Instilla gel comes also to my mind. That’s a medical gel like that used in ultrasonic imaging but containing some Lidocaine. OTC in Germany. I never tried that although i should have a small amount lying around at home. Might be very interesting if the gel contained enough alcohol to ease deeper penetration into the skin.

Anyway: EMLA/Anestesis/Anesderm do work very well if applied correctly. A tip of a collegue from Germany:
thoroughly massage a small amount of EMLA into the pores of the skin; several times every few minutes until You feel the onset of the numbing. Then apply a thick layer of EMLA and cover that with a thoroughly fitted transparent foil. Thoroughly fix it to the skin. it is important to get that air tight.

In contrast tho the method described in the manual that one works perfectly on my throat. And if the fixation is well made You can walk though the city without having people stare at You. I tried in the inner city of Frankfurt.

Hello Beate,

thank you for the detailed info. Lidocain spray or Stud spray sounds promising. On the other hand Stud spray must be covered. But I think I’ll try one of these.

Thank you

It is always wise to cover Lidocain in order to prevent its oxidation.

Whats about cooling spray? Doesnt that work too?

Well, cooling spray does not numb, but it makes it easier to keep with the pain. I am frequently using it.

so, its a good alternative? But doesn’t it irritate the skin if its been used to often?

If you have a DR that could prescribe at lidocaine, tetracaine, benzocaine in a petroleum base. With the petroleum base there is no need to cover with plastic. and alittle goes along way. WARNING!!! The more lidocaine you use with some sensitive skin will make it very dry and red post using it… Also WARNING!!! Limit how much area you spread the cream. TOO MUCH CAN BE TOXIC !!!

if your working on lips and top of the chin dental blocks will help if you can find a dentist to do it for you… ask for long lasting lidocane… depending on how your body absorbs the block could last from 1 1/2 hours to 3 or more. or if you can find a doctor who will do subcutanious injections of lidocane which can last 45 min to a couple of hours depending on absorbtion.

whats about DERMINE that i found in this post: http://www.hairtell.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/100071/Searchpage/1/Main/14680/Words/DERMINE/Search/true/Topical_anesthetics.html#Post100071 ?
This sounds good. Has anyone try it?

Dermine is an quality product that works well, but is is not as effective as EMLA/LMX 4% or 5% since it is not designed to penetrate intact skin. In many cases Dermine provides enough relief to do the job.

I would suggest LMX 4 for an emla alternative, it’s a topical anesthetic cream.

All those creams are “just” topical creams. You have to use tricks to get them effective at the depth where we need it. Which massage it in, apply a really thick layer and cover it tightly for a fairly long time.

BTW: In Germany You can buy a cream with even 20% (Benzocaine), OTC. But from my own experience with it - i use it to numb the stiches of crane flies which appear to love my blood - i an really unsure if that one will penetrate deep into the skin. I did not try it before electrolysis, not even in myself.

For upper lip work, Icy Hot with lidocaine and menthol is worth a try. My clients verbalize that it is very helpful.

Walmart’s price is good: