Emla for laser

I’m going to start using Emla for laser treatment on my legs. I know that I have to apply it, cover it, and leave it for an hour for it to work. But, how long does it stay effective after I’ve applied it?

Can I put it on at home, wait an hour, wipe it off, and then go in for my treatment (it’s about 20 minutes from my house door to door)???


Emla isn’t that strong. It will start to effect in about 1 hr time, and would last for another hour.
I would suggest you clean it out in the clinic, just cover your legs with Glad Wrap would do.

Thank you! I’ll do that.

One word of caution. If you use a large amount of EMLA, it can cause some serious side effects (on cardiovascular system). I have seen this rule of thumb (from other users, on this board and others)

do not use more than a 30 g of EMLA (they do come in 30g package) on your body, in one session.

I have used EMLA before on my back and forearms , and recommend it. There is a section on the EMLA site that mentions how to calculate the maximum amount.

I maybe wrong about the exact number and I have not used it on the whole Leg (I am a man and, not sure if I want that area treated, yet),. Andrea , other experts on this board or the people who have used this on Legs, may have a better view.

The toxicity rates of EMLA can be found on the insert inside the box. It’s a question of surface area as much as amount. The more skin covered with EMLA, the more you’ll absorb.

Reactions to EMLA are rare, but first-time users should not cover large areas like back or legs unless there’s someone around who can help in the event of an allergic reaction.

EMLA usually needs to be covered for a half hour to an hour for best results. Leave the covering on until the area is ready to be treated. The pain reduction usually lasts 15 minutes to 2 hours after maximum absorption has occurred.