EMLA and LightSheer

Hey All:
Well, I had my second LightSheer treatment after two months (10 wks) on my shoulders,back,back of neck. She also touched up some patchs on my chest that she missed the first time. (I looked like I had mange. I’m not sure how good the tech is, but she’s pretty nice.) I had very little regrowth in 10 wks, maybe around 20% at most, at what grew was light and fine and very hard to see. (Treated at 36 j, 30 ms pulse) This treatment wasn’t nearly as painful as the last, probably because there was so little hair.

But if you’re going to get the back of the neck treated, USE EMLA!!! I used some on only the back of my neck, and just sailed through the treatment. Before, I hadn’t used it, and it was EXTREMELY painful.

I have 3 treatments to go as part of the package, but I’ll probably space them out even more now as 10 wks may have been too soon.

What I’m really wondering is how long this result is going to last for me, as it seems so individual, but you can bet I’ll post follow-up! I do like the fact that the hair that regrows is fine too!


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Thanks for the reporting.
I don’t have hair on my back, can’t tell if EMLA is necessary.
If possible, ask the practitioner if they offer patch (for free), and visit them about two weeks after each treatment.

If you only have 20% regrowth after 10 weeks those are excellent results and you are responding very well to the laser!

I can only tell you about my own experience. Any regrowth that I have had occurred within two months and it never increased after that. So, at least for me, if it doesn’t come back in 2 months it’s NOT coming back! Maybe it will be that way for you too.

I had 50% percent hair reduction on my chest after my first Apogee treatment and about 40-50% on my back, so it sounds like you did better than I did. Had I started out with the Lightsheer I may have had even more success on my first treatments.

I hope you continue to see great results and I have every reason to believe that you will.