Emjoi : recharging time & for how long the charge lasts

I posted a question about it and now can’t find it…??
Anyway, I just purchased a cord-cordless rechargeable Emjoi Gold Caress and would like to know…

  1. why do you have it to charge it for so long (16 hours) for the first time?

  2. can you use it before it is fully charged, when plugged in?

  3. once fully charged, does the red light that indicates that it is being charged turn to green or something? HOW CAN I TELL the next times that I have fully charged it again? or each time do I need 16 hours to charge it?

  4. does one have to fully charge it to use it or can it be used (of course I realize it will work for less time) while not fully charged?

  5. for how long do you usually charge it and once charged (how can you tell it is charged after the first time, anyway?) for HOW LONG (average) does the charge last?

Is it used in the hair growth direction or against it? I have used other rotary epilators against the direction of hair growth, but the pics in the box seem to indicate that it is used in the same direction, not against…?

Please help, I want to know this before using it for the first time.


Please? can someone help?
Among those of you who have used it? Can somebody help me with that info? <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />