Emjoi Beauty Forever


Hi. I just bought tit without researching before hand. I just found HairTell and everything I read told me that I shouldn’t really mess with this machine. But, all the texts & information about microwave hair removal method I have found are more than 6 months old. Have there been any updates on the research? Is this product approved by FDA? If so, in what terms? there was the warning about using this kind of treatment on face as well. The last thing I wanna do is to fry my body, but I want to find out the product specific information before I make the ultimate decision. Anything you can tell me would be helpful. Thanks!


The Beauty Forever is a scam. The issue is not the RF energy it uses, but the delivery system. Electric tweezers and patches cannot deliver adequate energy to the follicle to kill it. You have to insert a metal probe into the follicle to get enough energy in there.