Emjoi Beauty Forever and 4Men

Yet another electric tweezer scam. Actually, this one isn’t as bad as some. Emjoi’s claim does not directly claim permanence but they do use some terminology that makes their devices sound permanent, and they do claim that after several treatments, hair may grow back lighter and thinner. They also have two models and they promote the “Beauty Forever” as a product for women to use anywhere on the body, and the “4Men” as a product for men to use for nose and ear hairs, and between the eyebrows. To the best of my knowledge, the only difference between the two models is their shape and size, and that the 4Men uses batteries so if you use it very many times, you’ll have to go buy more batteries, which Emjoi won’t even benefit from, whereas the Beauty Forever is a plug-in. If anyone is aware of any other differences between the two models, post it here.

And on to personal experience, I bought a Beauty Forever at a local Sharper Image store simply because I saw it in the store, and from what they said about it, it seemed like a good product to try. The first time I got it out of the box, I read the instructions from beginning to end, and in the FAQ, it stated that the device was not a permanent hair remover, which was contrary to the Sharper Image description saying that after 3-4 treatments hair should be gone forever. But, having read the instructions, it was time to try out the machine.

Well, the first time I opened the cover, the built in mirror fell out. That didn’t really matter to me because I had a wall mirror in my bathroom which I would prefer using anyway. It took a little experience to get the technique for gripping hairs with the tweezers, but after a little while, I had the technique and was going to town, using the device to tweeze hairs, mainly from my face. At first, it seemed like a good device, that just took some time to use, but it helped make my face much smoother. Later on, I had more problems with the device. The cover became faulty and would not stay open while I was using the product. Eventually, the tweezer broke, making the product virtually unusable, and based on the information on Hairfacts, and my own personal experience, the device wouldn’t last longer than ordinary tweezers, I took it back to Sharper Image, and thankfully got store credit for it.

What is disturbing to me about this more than anything is that a seemingly reputable store sells a product like this and claims it to be permanent even when the manufacturer does not.

But, one good thing about the Emjoi electric tweezers is that to the best of my knowledge they are the only products that have “coil” tweezers, which Emjoi says are patent pending. I have several ordinary tweezers, and since i returned my Beauty Forever, I have primarily used a wide grip slant tweezer. It’s great for shaping eyebrows, etc. But the thing about the coil tweezers is that they can often grip more hairs at once and would allow tweezing of large areas, much faster. If someone can get the word out to someone that coil tweezers are in demand, maybe someone will begin making coil tweezers that aren’t part of an expensive scam. And probably, coils should be offered in several sizes. The coil tweezer equipped with the Beauty Forever was small, and so it would be a basis for a size to start with and go up from there making larger coil tweezers, all the way up to the largest coil that would not make the tweezers hard for most people to use. This would seemingly make tweezing a much faster hair removal method.

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