Hey everyone!
I am new to this forum, and so glad I found it!
I am 22 years old, and about a year ago, I began growing thick, dark hair on my chin and upper lip. It drives me crazy! I pluck and wax constantly, but am convinced this is going to be a battle I will never win. I am afraid to get close to people, and have not formed intimate relationships with anyone for fear of the embarrassment you probably know all too well. I am a college student, so I really dont have the funds to contribute toward electrolysis or laser hair removal (unless I max out my credit card!) However, I found a practitioner in my area who claims to offer 1 year unlimited laser treatments (chin) for only $600. I’m thinking to check him out. Does anyone hav any pre-treatment tips? I mean, am I supposed to let the hair grw before going in? Because, if that’s the case, I dont know if I could handle it. I’m way too self-conscious to let it grow for even ONE day! I need some help, though, because I am going away in 3 weeks, and I’d really like to do something about this before I go! I’ll be spending lots of time outdoors, and you all know how sunlight makes every hair noticable! Also, I’ll be spending time with a certain someone I haven’t seen in a while, and I don’t want to be uncomfortable and worrying every second that he may be spotting some unsightly hair on my face! You all understand. Can anyone help me?

I would say to call him first to see how long he wants you to grow your hair.
I’ve heard some people say their laser practitioners shave the area v.close. Others prefer a little bit of ‘stubble’…

Also, you might want to ask him to do a test patch first, on an area that won’t show - say underneath your chin. I found that after my laser treatment, my skin would go a darker shade of brown in the treated area, and what hairs I had turned v.thick and black. It got better after a few days, and when the hairs fell out it was wonderful. But it was v.embarassing until then!

There’s loads of different lasers about - please don’t think that your experience will match mine!

Also, I’d recommend that you see your doctor. There’s a possible hormonal cause for growing facial hair: if you don’t fix your hormone levels first, the hairs are much harder to get rid of.

Plucking hairs means that there’s nothing for the laser to treat. As bad as this sounds, it’s better to shave or use a depilatory for a month or two before laser.

However, if you are an ideal laser candidate with light skin and dark hair and can get a year worth of treatment for that money, perhaps you can come in every time you start to see new hair. Once you start, you should never pluck. If you need to do something between treatments, you should shave only.

Finally, make sure the practitioner is experienced and reputable. Some practitioners have taken money up fron and closed their doors, taking consumers’ prepayments with them.

thanks for your replies. I called that Dr.'s office today and made an appointment for August 7th. They said I can’t pluck or wax until then, but I can shave the area. I suppose I’ll have to live with that…The receptionist was the only one there at the time, so she gave me as much info as she could. The laser is called Candela. Has anyone heard anything good/bad about it? She says I should g back every 5-6 weeks for treatments, and after that, I have unlimited visits until August of next year. I’m going to take this chance. Something’s gotta give…

If you have light skin and dark hair, you may have good results.

You can read some consumer experiences in the laser forum.


I noticed that you live in NY and I do too so I was wondering if you could give me the name of your laser practioner. The unlimited thing sounds like a pretty good deal and I’d like to check it out. I don’t know what the rules are for giving out names over these Bboards (Andrea?) so if you want I will give you my email address. Thanks-- and good luck on the 7th!

Hey Betsy,
you can email me at Camus888@aol.com and i will give you the info!

Unlike the quack boards who want to monitor your correspondence, everyone is welcome to post email addresses here. I do not encourage posting phone numbers or other personal information.

Be aware that sometimes people harvest emails from bulleting boards for spamming. I do not give out anyone’s email or use it for any purpose whatsoever, but I cannot control who sees it if you put it on the forum.

Hey everybody,
Hope this post finds you all well and in good spirits…
Thanks to Andrea, for your responses, specifically for the one about tanning after treatment. I am leaving the country 3days after my treatment, and plan to be in the sun about 5 days afterward…Yes, I could wear sunscreen, when walking around or going to the beach, but is the risk so high that it still might be a problem? Does anyone have experience with this? I’m now wondering if it might be better for me to hold off on treatment until after I get back.
Also, The secretary at the Dr’s office told me that afterward, I’d experience a little puffiness and redness, but it would go away in a few hours. What about the following days? I am planning to see someone I am rather “close” to…and I don’t want him to see the weird after-effects, if any. I mean, does the skin peel, scab, etc?
I am starting to have doubts now, and I dont know what to do. Does anyone know what the best option might be for me at this point?

It still sounds like you should give it a shot, but I’m not sure I’d do it when there’s a chance that you’ll be in the sun or have some redness that someone else might see. Better to wait till after the vacation, since it’s coming up so soon.

I also would like that information Adonia, if that’s possible. I’m a college student in the New York area too, and I’m looking for a cheap practictioner. Thanks.

I was always told that saving makes it come in thicker?

I am in Chicago and need a place to go for a consultation…
I have hair on the sides of my face and chin area and they seem to be coming in more and more!
I have waxed, used creams, bleached, and plucked myself to death!

I just want it gone! I am willing to pay the money to feel more secure about myself if someone is looking at me.

Help me !

I apologize…
It is supposed to say SHAVING!
I was told SHAVING makes it grow in thicker :fearful:

Shaving does not make hair thicker. It only makes your experience of the hair seem thicker. This illusion comes about because a “virgin” hair tapers to a soft point, and has lots of give when you brush across it. A shaved hair comes to either a blunt end, or a sharp point with a shiny spot where it was sliced by the blade. This does a few things. It makes the hair more bristley to the touch, and catches light with the same kind of sparkle seen on a “disco ball” when the sun hits the “slice point” just right. Also, since the shaft of the hair is in fact thicker than the point of a virgin hair, it does seem to be thicker if allowed to grow to stubble, because it doesn’t taper off at the ends anymore.

Rest assured, however, shaving is perfectly safe. No one grows thicker, deeper, or even more plentiful hair from simply shaving.