Hi people,

Can someone tell me if they have used or know of the ELOS removal system?

supposedly works on all hair / skin types…

Thanks in Advance


Click Search
Type in ELOS in the search box
Enter 4 and select years in date range fields, so you can look for any post over the past 4 years.

Read the post strings that come up. I know we have discussed this system in the past.

I’ll give you a brief overview. I tried Aurora, the older ELOS system. I did have some success with it but I maxed out on the fluences and it could not provide the higher fluences that I needed. Yes, it did remove some white terminal hairs. For me, it did not work as well on dark skin as the Nd:YAG lasers.

If you go with ELOS, look for a practitioner that has the Comet. It uses diode laser instead of IPL. I am still not convinced about the effectiveness of IPL for hair removal.


Thanks for the responses…i think the search is the way to go for as much info as possible.

Cheers from downunder


Remember when you talk of the ELOS system, you’re refering to a group of lasers, of which the Comet is just one.