ELOS report from reader

From a reader who is a transsexual woman:

The main reason I write this email is to ask and or inform you about a new technology that is getting proven results. It’s know as ELOS “Electro Optical Synergy” and combined Bipolar conducted electric current with optical (light) energy.

The advantage of the ELOS technology is that is provides hair removal for all skin and hair types compared to earlier IPL technology, and there is less blistering, scabbing, crusting or hyper or hypo pigmentation, reduced redness and inflammation and they say less pain, though I have only experienced ELOS and Plucking.

There are various setting levels, I had my on 16-20, I think it goes up to 30, but depending on your skin type it could damage if used incorrectly. The pain was there, as the hairs were getting electrocuted… die die die. I say!!.. But for a little pain, the gain is worth it… I have feedback from other TS women who has been using this system, and have noted brilliant results after about 3 sessions, as with all new technology it pays to be highly sceptical, but as I needed to remove my beard I was prepared to give it a go.

The clinic operator asked me all sorts of questions regarding my health, skin issues and so on… to make sure that I would not adversely react to the treatment.

I was told that I like most people, multiple sessions are required, it is not a one treatment system, it gradually kills of the hairs… treatments of 8-10 are common, though the brochure says 4-8, but that is on the best scenario of skin/hair combination. Treatments are recommended every 1-2 months depending on hair regrowth.

It is day 2 for me, so apart from seeing many hairs fall out, I expect to see the others fall out over the next few weeks. I have been told that I could expect a 30-50% clearance rate on first application. Though for me, I unfortunately got some advice frep a history and progress.