Elos Aurora laser

Recently I put $500. down to start laser hair removal on my face. I am 25 years old and have ALOT of fine blonde hair all over my face. I am having a very hard time dealing with it and don’t know what to do. I have read alot of others comments on treating my kind of facial hair and its not good. I haven’t started treatment yet and i’m not sure what to do.
Two women in my family have this problem also, so im sure it’s hereditary I’m really scared of how bad it may get as I get older wether I treat it or not. Someone please help!!!

Has anyone heard anything on American Laser Center?

Do they have any kind of guarantee? I do not like paying up front for laser treatments and my practitioner has never required it.

The Aurora may help with the blonde hair. It did remove some white hairs from my chest, but eventually went with electrolysis as the hairs got finer and lighter. I needed more power and was maxed out on the Aurora.

See if the have the Comet as it is probably even better. It has higher fluences, pluse it uses diode laser which is better than IPL.


What kind of lasers do they use? A regular laser is not going to do anything for fine, blonde hair. Lasers are attracted to melanin. Blonde hair has very little, so the laser is just going to pulse and not find anything to “hit”. SOME IPL’s have had success with light hair, but the principle is the same for them (need dark melanin). I would be very wary of any place that says their lasers can treat blonde hair. I personally don’t know anything about American Laser Centers, but if that’s what they’re telling you, go somewhere else.

The center has a laser called the Aurora. If you go on their site it all says the same thing, Garunteed permanent hair removal. I have quizzed the women on the phone several times and she seems so positive that it will at least give me a huge reduction. I’m just scared to start messing with it. I have so much fine blonde hair its staring to look thick. I can’t free my mind of it, its all I see when I look in the mirror.
I have been messing around on the electrology forum and it seems to be a better choice for those with lighter colored hair.
Any information from anyone at this point is great thankyou for caring.

By the way, no they do not have the comet yet and probubly won’t for a while.

My mom has had 6 treatments on her face with the Aurora, but she had a mixture of coarse black hair and white hair. It’s worked well on the black hair, but she still has some white hair left. It’s hard to say how well it worked on the white hair…although they may have reduced somewhat, it seems like the ones that were left became a bit coarser after about the 4th treatment.

I don’t think I would use the Aurora if ALL of the hair I wanted to remove was fine and light in color. Have you tried just using one of those little trimmers? My mom used that between treatments, and it seems like it would be a cheap and easy way to deal with light hair.