Elk Grove: Malia's Beauty Clinic

<strong>Malia’s Beauty Clinic</strong><br>
<em>Leslie D. Allen, R.E.</em></p>
<p> 8841 Williamson Drive<br>
Suite 10<br>
Elk Grove, CA 95624<br>
(916) 690-3494</p>
Please call for Appointment</p>
</strong>Please call for Rates </p>
<p>Description of Practice:
[li]Specializing in Customized Treatment Plans for Each Individual’s Hair as [/li] well as Skin’s Unique and Special Needs
[li]Utilizing All Modalities (Thermolysis, Blend and MicroFlash) [/li] [li]State of the Art Equipment and Supplies[/li] [li]Sterile, Disposable Probes Only[/li] [li]Dry Heat Sterilization of all Tweezers[/li] [li]Located in Newly Built Professional Plaza[/li] [li]To Schedule an Appointment or Complimenatary Consultation, please call: [/li] (916) 690-3494
<p align=“center”><br>
To Date, Electrolysis remains the only method of hair removal deemed safe and
approved by the FDA. Advanced technology in electrolysis has enabled superior
treatment plans providing increased comfort and greater efficiency.</p>