Elite Electrolysis, NJ

Has anyone tried or have any info on this business?



Just a guess here, are you a guy “IhateBodyHair?” Often, electrolysis providers have the least experience working on male facial hair, and are frankly, too scared to set the machine to the levels that are proper for work on a man’s face, as it is so much higher than what they are used to working on a woman. It would be nuclear on a woman, but just right for a man.

Thanks for the heads up. Did you find a place in NJ that you could recommend?

Thanks for the info–I really appreciate it. I will keep researching other places.

L2010, can you put your location in your profile please? Are you a close drive to Philedelphia?

I thought you found one place that you liked, ihatebodyhair.

I know of a place in Toms River, but I don’t know how close you are to there, and, like most places in NJ, they do Blend there. You would possibly find it best to travel somewhere, get a full clearance, and then do the Toms River place for keeping it clear during the maintenance phase.

Ah. Good to know!

And thanks :slight_smile:

Only once in my life did I have an electrolysis practitioner that I trusted to pay to do work on me that I did not have to travel more than 75 miles to see. Oh Well, that is just the way it is.

I am in Central/Northern NJ–about 2 hours from Philadelphia.

What about http://hobokenelectrolysis.net/ ?