Electrolysising my Back!!!! (need a little help)

A little info about me first, my name is Brannon and I am a 27yr old male. My fiancee hates my back hair so as a wedding present to her I decided to get electrolysis on my back. I am just about done with my first clearance when I came across this forum, which I love!

Overall I am very happy with my Electrolysist. I just have a few concerns. First off is the machine she is using, it is an AR Hinkel and says Electro blend on it, I think its the #2 or 3 model. Is this a very good machine or should I go somewhere else? Also she averages about 10 hairs a minute is that a fair amount? and it is fairly painful I havent gotten any of the cream stuff but im wondering if theres something i can do to take off the edge? I know that its subjective to the skill of the user I would just like your thoughts.
one more thing once my clearance is done how long should I wait in between clearances?
Thanks, Brannon

Is she using blend on you? Have you checked out others in your area to compare things? Thermolysis, especially microflash or picoflash, would be several times faster. 10 hairs per minute is pretty good though, regardless.

You can take a painkiller beforehand. Icing or putting ice cold aloe vera afterwards helps too. Are you using proper aftercare in general? Witch hazel during the day and tea tree oil at night is best.

You shouldn’t wait at all between clearances. You should go in as soon as you see new hair pop up to kill them while they’re weak and to keep the area nice and hairfree. Those appts will slow down over time from once a week to once every three weeks or so.

Thanks, LaGirl, yes she is using blend on me and tommorrow my whole back will be cleared. It will have taken her a total of 8 hours to clear my back. I havent done any kind of aftercare treatment I just found out about it but my skin is healing very nicely my first session was 10 days ago. Where can I get whitch hazel oil and tea tree oil? Do you happen to know much about the machine shes using?

Thanks so much for the respone its kinda wierd doing this as a guy.


The decision to seek out and observe how treatments feel and heal with other electrologists is always advised here. There are better electrolysis machines than the Hinkel’s, but with that said, it is a good electrolysis machine and you will still get permanent hair removal. If anyone is using a 27 megahertz model in your area (Apilus Platinum or Pure) it would be worth the effort to get treated for an hour to compare the sensation factor. For this area, skilled speed is needed. Next to that, comfort / tolerance issues rank high. After you get cleared, go back every three weeks to catch any new hair that surfaces. Is that what your present electrologist advises?