Can I just enquire that no matter the condition which is causing hair growth (e.g. Genetic/ hormones/ laser stimulation), the only way to kill these hairs that surface is electrolysis?

Not necessarily. Laser can kill some of the hair if your hair color and skin color are appropriate and you have a skilled technician, but no, no cream , waxes or anything else can do it and laser only works part of the way on some people. Electrolysis is the only modality in which all hair can be killed.

Totally agree with Seana here. Laser reduction can be helpful to get the bulk hair that has color. Remember these words COARSE, DENSE, DARK HAIRS. You get the best results with these hair structures on PALE (4th word to remember) skin. Everything that laser cant “see” must be removed with electrolysis.

Thanks for your replies, Seana and Dee!

I have experienced laser hair stimulation before and don’t find the hair growth stopping yet.

Will be heading to my first electrolysis session tomorrow, just feeling Abit nervous now hahah thanks for that punch of confidence!! (: