This is after an hour of blend electrolysis yesterday
you can see a larger image by right clicking and selecting “view image” on firefox

While I don’t see the “before” of the chin area, I’m not a fan of the “after” shot. I would suggest shopping around your area for trial treatments from other providers (and using tea tree oil to prevent the pustules afterward).

Was this the only area treated within the hour session? It looks like electrologist has had a bit of difficultly treating this area. Under the neck can be tricky for the inexperienced. Have a consultation and test patch elsewhere.

It was the only area treated.
Here’s another set of before/afters

Im quite happy with the results actually. perhaps it was a difficult area to treat, I’m not sure. I clean the area with soap and water and apply rose water

The place that I go to has 3 electrologists working, interchangeably, so I will get treatments from others although I was happy with the first treatment.

I color-corrected your photos and did an enhancement (sharper) filter and I don’t see anything to worry about. Looks like normal post-treatment inflammation to me. You have big fat hairs that need some current. If you actually had “no reaction” that’s probably what happened … NOTHING! Go back to your electrologists, she’s doing a fine job … and don’t forget the “tea tree oil!” (Did I really just say that?)

With my limited blend experience, I would say it’s fine. I do believe that some Platinum multi-plex might get a few more hairs in the time frame given…

As I’m sitting here eating a bowl of sweet dark cherries, staring at your photos, I’m thinking that this reaction doesn’t cause my heart to thump at an alarming pace. It looks fine, but I swear, if tea tree oil was used right after your session, along with a good refrigerated quality of aloe vera gel, we wouldn’t be witnessing those pustules.

For a case like yours, I like to clear all bothersome hair, send you home and see you in about six weeks for another clearance. Some people want to come back in three or four weeks and I have no problem with that approach either. Yes, Barbara, I like MultiPlex thermolysis for these kind of hairs, too. Synchro thermolysis would be a good choice for these juicy hairs if they are not too curvey underneath. These modes are faster than blend and just as effective.

By the way, speaking of blend and thermolysis modes in Apilus Platinum, it seems that many electrologist are using only thermolysis modes. I wonder why Dectro won’t launch something like Apilus Platinum Thermo with only thermolysis modes? It could be more affordable than Apilus Platinum. I asked Dectro about it, but did not receive any reply.

Well, personally, I like having all on options on deck. You never know when a client will come and insist that blend be performed instead of thermolysis. When people tell me that their skin reaction is better with blend, I take what they say seriously. I do ask them if we can do one area with thermolysis and one area with blend, just to compare. I have only had a couple of clients say that they still prefer blend. The rest were delighted with their skin reaction and the speediness of one of the thermolysis modes, not to mention the better sensation they felt with PicoFlash and Multiplex, with the Apilus Platinum. It’s as good as you get. It really is.

Most clients prefer one method over another because it was used on them by their previous electrologist. In some cases a given method might provide a better clinical response. Sometimes the client knows best and it is important to hear them out.

Blend is the only method at this place I think.
I will post pictures if I notice any significant healing. I go in for 2 hours on the 26th.
Thanks for everyone’s responses.

2 hours should allow the remaining hairs to be cleared they don’t look quite as strong. Are the hairs being removed without tweezing? I assumed that maybe you were concerned with your treatment, however if you are happy with progress it is better to be with an electrologist who is taking time to remove hair properly than someone who whisks through pulling hairs out. A recent client was going to a therapist for 15 minute treatments and what ever hairs not removed were waxed at the end, needless to say she had been attending every 2 weeks for 2 years!!! Extremely upsetting.