Hello…any advice would be helpful I have been undergoing electrology for almost a year now I am a little dissapointed with the results. sometimes it seems like its better then i get a wave of growth and it seems worse.I have blonde hair not course but not real fine. At this point upper lip seems better and chin seems worse. Has it ever seemed like its getting worse before it gets better to any one? My electrologist has 15 yrs expierience ive been going at least once a week for a half hour with a few exceptions.Ive followed all the rules! Just wanted to hear from someone who has went through it.

We need more information. Do you know what type of electrolysis you’re being treated with? Thermolysis, blend, galvanic? Does the hair slide out without resistance after being zapped? Do you leave each session hairfree? Do you have any underlying medical conditions causing the growth?

You shouldn’t need to go weekly for a year if you’re doing things properly. You should be doing longer treatments once every 3-4 weeks to remove ALL offending hair. No need to come in more often than that. You can shave or clip in between if necessary. It’s more important to get ALL hair at each treatment and that it’s treated properly.

Thankyou for the response! Its blend. Sometimes I can feel the hair being pucked out sometimes I cant. I dont have med. issues that I know of. I think its part hereditary part self inflicted (got into my moms nair at a young age) been pickin myself apart ever since. Im really trying not do do anything in between treatments because I dont like the short stuble that happens when you shave and thats why I have going so often. I got tricked into laser treatments. American Laser Centers said thier new technology would even get rid of blond hairs…well after many more treatments than they said it would take and after I didnt even see results on my dark armpit or bikinia area that I had treated I contacted my electrolygist and here we are a year later. I had never done anything to my chin prior to electrolygy. I had started noticing chin hairs while I was getting the laser treatments…dont know if there is a connection that perhaps the laser stimulated hair growth??Maybe it just my hormones as I am turning 30 idk. Maybe Ill try longer treatments. I am beyond having a complex about this…and at this point I feel defeated. Thank you for your advice I really appreciate it.