Electrolysis WORKED for me.......

I want to scream at the top of my lungs to every woman with a hair growth problem. ELECTROLYSIS WORKS!!! I had an elevated Prolactin level which caused abnormal hair growth on my face, and eventually my body as well. I spent over 10 yrs of my life depressed and stressed out over the hair on my face,
I had hair on my upper lip, chin, neck, breasts, and back. I had to spend 45 min to an hour a day plucking hair out of my chin and I still never got it all. (I shaved my upper lip daily, but shaving caused razor burn on my chin, so I resorted to plucking that area) I had a 5 o’clock shadow like a man by the end of the day. It was horrible. I have olive skin tone and dark black hair. All the plucking had caused dark areas of hyperpigmentation and ingrown hairs under my chin that were very noticeable. Now, a year later - I dont have any scarring, no pigment problems - nothing. The dark areas from ingrown hairs are gone. My skin tone is even and my skin is soft to the touch.

I started electrolysis in July 2005 with a one hr session once a week. In the beginning she could barely finish my chin/neck in the hour. It was tough for me because new hair grew so fast and I wasnt shaving/plucking it any longer, but I hung in there. I began electrolysis knowing that it would take at least a year, so I was prepared for that. Just remember, electrolysis is not a quick solution - but it IS a PERMANENT solution.

Now I go once every 3-4 weeks, for mainly my back and a few hairs on my chest. My face only gets a few hairs in between appointments and she clears that in about 5-10 minutes and moves on to other areas. I think I will be totally finished within the next 6 months.

My electrologist is wonderful and she changed my life. It was worth every penny. She used slow thermolysis on me, because the blend method didn’t seem to work on my hairs. Proof that it doesnt matter which type of electrolysis you use, as long as it is done correctly. I live in the Akron/Cleveland Ohio area. If anyone wants to know her name, send me a message.

I’m soooooo happy for you.
You don’t always get to hear the good stories.

Yes, I agree. When you find someone who really works for you, I believe there is nothing better than electrolysis.

I go for 2 hours at a time. I get a faster clearance that way. Longer appointments in the beginning & shorter appointments later on. This way it doesn’t seem as tedious to me.

The work I had in the past was always on my neck or face. Mainly my neck, which before I became sick with PCOS, I never had a problem with.

Now, I have had electrolysis on areas like my breast & areola. I didn’t really hurt. Also, I figured “Why not do those little hairs on my toes.” I really hate shaving them. Well, that did hurt but it was worth it.

Now, I can’t wait to start clearing my arms & stomach.

Best of luck.

The hard part it explaining to newbies… If electrolysis hurts sooooo bad, and is sooo unreliable, the way the commercials and print media attacks would have you believe, then why do people get practically addicted, and start expanding the number of things they want done?

I have had clients start with the face, move on to the underarms, segue to the belly and bikini, and finish with full legs and toes. Then they call me on the phone just to talk because they have no more hair left.

It does work! I still trip out on how effective it has been for me. I seriously do not understand why electrolysis is treated as a second rate solution by the mainstream. Add my name to the long list of “I wish I knew-ers.” Also add my name to James list of people who love it so much they are moving on to other body parts. My cheeks did so well that I’m definitely going for underarms and contemplating eyebrows. The months it takes to get to completion are nothing compared to the amount of time you will never have to spend dealing with it again.

thanks for sharing your story. just wanted to point out one thing. thermolysis IS the fastest method, not blend as you mentioned. blend is a bit slowed. but yes, no matter what method, it will eventually work with a competent electrologist.


May I ask why your prolactin levels where high and how did you find out? Also, for those with PCOS, would electrolysis work permanently even as the condition persists?

I have no idea what’s causing the hair on my face, nipples, chest, stomach, etc. It has ruined my ability to be intimate with a man… even if I pluck, I get ingrown hairs everywhere… I’m so embarrassed!!

Should I go for electrolysis anyhow? Will it work even if I don’t know the cause?

Thanks for any help.


Hello Jen,

Yes, electrology will work for you even if there are hormonal issues. I’ve been working as an electrologist for over 26 years, and know many happy women whose lives were changed by getting rid of the hair. The only time I’ve seen someone disappointed is when they would not follow my recommendation as to scheduling their next appointment.

Just recently, I asked a client if she even recognized herself in the shower - when she began she tweezed daily and had ingrown hairs all over her abdomen and breasts. Now, she has absolutely no ingrown hair. She comes in to have me pick up fine little hairs that were insignificant in the beginning.

it will work on the existing hair, but it might take longer and you might develop NEW hair more easily if a condition is causing it. in addition, it could be a condition that has other side effects besides hair that you don’t know about. it would be wise to see an endocrinologist and get tested for hormonal balance issues first. however, that doesn’t prevent you from starting electrolysis anyhow.