Electrolysis without pain (DED sin dolor)

Fairly large area with minimal topical anesthesia. Only an amount proportional to the size of a walnut for group of hairs. And a pea to a single hair.

In red, insensitive zone.
In black, hairs treated with electrolysis.
The rest: The Triumph of the electrolysis

Whoa, seems like a lot of trouble to go to for five hairs only!!

Yeah, sheesh! I wish I just had that problem. sigh Although, you’re all going to think I’m really crazy, today while I was being worked on at the electrologist’s, I laid there thinking about all the places on my body I’m going to get zapped some day. I’m addicted after two days.

Welcome to the club, sugarmag! I will not rest until every hair on my body is gone (except head hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes). :stuck_out_tongue:

Could you clarify what is being pictured here?

Are you saying that you did one leg completly in electrolysis before starting the second, and this shows the one leg having only 5 hairs left, and the second leg is now wrapped so that you can start working on it?

Indeed James, this woman put herself anesthetic cream at home 2 hours before attending her appointment with us (my colleague is working on this case). After lying in bed and after removing excess traces of cream (with sterile gauze), she removed the existing hair in the area covered from ankle to knee. After the first leg, my colleague was about to remove the debris on the other leg and begin work on the second. so I took the pictures. Of course with the approval of this endearing and charming client.

The second picture shows a partial zone in which you can see isolated lesions, immediate trace the work of my colleague.

The third picture shows a part of the leg area that still contained the anesthetic cream. To further illustrate the proper application of the cream and get a greater benefit to consumers money Hairtell visiting.