electrolysis ..waxing..help!

i am 28 and I have been doing electrolysis for many years. I have a few hairs here and there… over the past few months I have been getting quite a large amount more hair under my chin/neck area. This having to do with problems with hormones…etc. My periods have disappeared and things like that…that my doctors is looking into… I have noticed that now going for the electrolysis it seems like red marks/bumps on my chin/neck are getting more noticeable and are taking longer to disappear and I am considering just waxing the area…so it is cleaner and isn’t as damaging to my skin with the red bumps. what is your advice…? will wax make the hair folicals stronger? also, i have looked into laser hair removal and at this point, i just can not afford it. thanks!

What you need to look for is other electrologist in your area. You may be surprised at the results someone else will have working on your same skin. Although redness, swelling and even scabbing are common short term side effects to electrolysis, many people are able to have treatment that is unnoticeable to the general population within hours after treatment. All you need is a skilled practitioner utilizing equipment that allows the rang of treatment most advantageous to you.

And yes, waxing can eventually make the hairs thicker, distort the follicles they come from and could even stimulate new hairs to grow in adjacent follicles.

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