electrolysis vs. laser

Im an Indian Asian, i have light brown skin w/dark hairs. I have some hairs on my chin they aren’t super noticeable but I’m still very conscious about them. I want to get rid of them permanently & don’t know what the best option is-laser or electrolysis. I’m leaning towards electrolysis, but I heard the risk of scarring and pigmentation is high with darker skin tones. I have very clear skin, so I’m really scared about scars! Also since my hairs are fine, would there be less treatments? Thanks in advanced…


I’m surprised no one has resonded to your post yet.

You say you are indian-asian, so I assume olive to dark complection? My recommendation would be electrolysis. Laser is not permanent. So it becomes quite expensive as a temporary method of hair removal. Even if it were permanent, your skind would not be suitable for a laser treatment, which works best with pail skin and dark hair.

You express concern over possible scarring with electrology treatments. Any quality professional electrologist can do work without any after effects to the skin beyond temporary redness. Darker skin however, skin with higher melanin content is more prone to hyper-pigmentation (dark spots) or hypo-pigmentation (light spots)caused by overtreatment. Find an electrologist who has experience working with black, asian, indian, hispanic or any other darker toned skin, and ask if they experience any problems in this area. It doesn’t sound like you have a lot of work to do and it should be gone quickly.

Good luck. :wink:

I agree with the previous answer. I have been in full time practice of Permanent Hair Removal for 45 years. Please click to ElectrolysisInformation.com before you have any further treatments. Email me if you wish!

Thanks so much for the info! It’s been very helpful!