Electrolysis vs. laser, help?!?

I am a 30 year old male. I am light skinned with dark blonde hair on my head, but all of the hair that I would like to have removed is very dark. Here are the areas I am considering hair removal for:

  1. My neck. I am sick of shaving it and I know I will never want hair on it. The hair there is very dark, coarse, and dense (like George Clooney?)

  2. My shoulders. The hair here is dark but not nearly as coarse and dense as what is on my neck.

Any suggestions or advice as to what treatment I should seek and what results I should expect would be greatly appreciated.


Start with laser, finish up the stragglers with electrolysis. Look for a good diode laser like the Lightsheer and an experienced practitioner. The hair must be dark for laser to be effective. If you have a lot of light hair to be removed electrolysis must be used.


Thanks. As I said, it is all dark hair. What kind of lasting results should I expect on the two areas (shoulders and neck)?



Lasting results may vary. Some have experienced up to two - even longer, going as far as seven or so - years lasting results, with hair gradually coming back in thinner and lighter if or when it does. Others have witnessed the hair returning in a shorter amount of time, as short as a few months after treatment.

Should you opt for the laser route, your best bet is to have a recommendation, chose a practitioner that has access to several different types of lasers so as to best suit your specific case, as well as complete the procedure through all three growth phases.