Electrolysis + Vaniqa + Diannette

I posted a while back regarding my problem with facial hair. I had been having electrolysis for some time with little improvement. I thought I’d quickly share my good news…

My dermatologist has put me on Dianette and said I should go back to using the Vaniqa as well (it originally gave me zits, but seems to be better this time). Its been nearly four months and, in combination with the electrolysis, I’ve had very good results. I used to go to have electrolysis twice a week (I couldn’t leave it longer as the regrowth was extremely thick and quick).

Now I’m going once a week, and this week there was literally only ONE dark course hair on my chin that needed doing. I think I may be able to stretch it to two weeks in between sessions soon (since there is so little hair on my chin, I’m having random other hairs on my cheeks, and my eyebrows done to make the trip worthwhile…)

This is the best Christmas present ever!!! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

Hi French:

I think you would be wasting your money to apply
Vaniqua on top of the Dianette and electrolysis.
The Dianette may help slow down androgen based facial hair growth from the inside. The vaiqua might just slow down the growth and make the hair that does grow harder to treat.
Besides that it is something you would have to
continue using.

I think that you should stick with the Dianette and electrolysis,

Here is what it says about Dianette:
Diane-35 also know as Dianette is used fot the treatment of androgen-dependent diseases in women, such as acne, especially pronounced forms and those which are accompanied by seborrhea or by inflammation or formation of nodes (acne papulopustulosa, acne nodulocystica), androgenetic alopecia and mild forms of hirsutism. Diane-35 is also indicated for oral contraception in women with androgen-dependent diseases and for the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome.The aim of treatment with Diane 35 is to block the peripheral action of male hormones commonly present in the female body .


Thanks Alicia.

I’m due to see the dermatologist again next month I think, and I’ll chat to him about it then. I must admit that I’d prefer not to use the Vaniqa as it does affect my skin (I’ve got very sensitive skin which tends to break out).

Interestingly enough, I had my hormones tested a few years ago (when this all started) and the results showed no imbalance - so they don’t know what caused it. Aparently some women just have skin that is overly senstive to andogens and this causes acne and hursuitism for no other underlying reason.

I’m just happy that something is finally working!