Electrolysis treatment in London

Hello everyone,

I found your website and forums randomly on the internet and I have to say I’m pretty impressed by it. Thanks for the information you provide.

I have undergone around 2 years of laser treatment on my face but the hair has come back (thiner though). I would now like to go for electrolysis and see if it can help me.

I am currently in London and I do not have much idea about who to go to and where to find a good practitioner. In my home country (France), I would definitely go for a dermatologist, but here, I’m not sure any dermatologist does this kind of treatment.

I decided to go on the BIAE website and look for an electrologist there. Then I made an appointment with a random practitioner in the list. I am mmeting her this evening.

My questions are:

  1. Does anyone know any good electrologist in London they would recommend?
  2. What should I ask the electrologist exactly today when I go for this session? I have a few questions in mind but I’m afraid to miss important things.
  3. Should I avoid to do a trial on the face? Should I do it in another less visible part of my body? (in case it goes wrong).

I apologize if these questions have been answered before. I’m a bit stressed about all this as I feel the skills of the electrologist are very important for the treatment to be efficient and for the avoidance of scars. The problem is I do not know where to go for treatment.

Any suggestions and answers would be really appreciated.

Thanks a lot.


I would recommend this salon, there are 4 BIAE registered electrologists there.


You should at least try a consultation there. I have not experienced better in London yet. The only consistent criticism I have heard, is the problem treating very fine hairs because of the magnification and lighting. However, I don’t know anyone who uses any different set-up anyway - it seems to the standard practice here.

Also, if you intend to go for facial electrolysis, this is where you should have the test patch. I would even recommend a few short treatments before totally committing to an electrologist.


Thanks for your answers.

Quick feedback about my appointment yesterday. I went to see a charming lady in Kensington. She has a lot of years of experience (from her description on the BIAE website).

She did some patch test on my face. She used the thermolysis mthod with a machine called Sterex. She said it was the most famous one. She can also do the blend method but decided not to go for it as I had some metal in my mouth (teeth…). She used disposable needles (she opened the box in front of me) and cleanse her hands several times with a product. I do not like that she does not wear gloves though. Is this normal?

All went ok, it was a bit painful but not an unbearable pain. As part of my aftercare, she told me to wash my face with soapy water and apply some natural witch hazel on it. I did as she said (yesterday and also today).

I do know that the redness is quite common after electrolysis but I also have some little spots (like small acne spots where the hairs were). Is this normal? Will these go away?

I do feel like she was keen on doing a good job and did not rush it. Also that we was clean but I wonder if these red spots are due to the sensitivity of my skin or the way the job was done. Please note that I have had more than 10 sessions of Laser on my face before and the only reaction was some redness for one hour. So I’m just wondering about my skin now. I’ll see how it evolves in the next few days I assume.

I’ll go and try the Parkside Beauty Salon to see how it goes with Sharon next week.

Thanks for your help,


Sterex is the most famous in the U.K. although it’s pretty basic in regards to some of the machines out there… but most U.K. electrologists use Sterex or similar. Parkside use the same.

As long as she is cleaning her hands several times, it’s fine. Gloves don’t make it any more hygienic and some electrologists prefer not to have gloves in the way.

Are they small whiteheads or small red spots? Either way they should go away. Just follow her after care recommendations. Since it’s thermolysis, these spots may scab over with tiny scabs. This is also normal. Don’t pick them and be gentle with washing and they should fall off after some time.

Electrolysis reactions are a results of so many variables, the method, the machine, the probe, the skill of the electrologist, your skin. This sounds ‘normal’ so as long as it’s not excessive and you can live with the healing period and she’s effectively treating the hairs, you have nothing to worry about.

You also can’t compare this to Laser.

I think Sharon may choose to do Blend, let’s see.

If you’re happy with both, I’d still recommend a few short treatments with both electrologists. Especially since Parkside offer greatly reduced rates if you sign up to a package… but you want to be sure you’re happy there first. I know some the electrologists might disagree but from the client’s perspective, I think it’s best to satisfy ourselves in all regards before committing.

I have just found someone who is BIAE-registered AND uses the Apilus machine in London!! Yeaaah!

I think I’ll phone her up and I’ll let you know.

Thanks for your input.

Pls pm me who it is. I can give you more advice.

S.L. or stoppit&tidyup - I would be really curious to know who it is as well that is BIAE registered and uses the Apilus machine in London…pls let me know!

I will PM you. Can I give her name here?

Of course you can give her name here.
We have been seeking this info for a long time. Would be nice if we got her name and which machine she uses.

Alright then :slight_smile:

Her name is Sara Thomas. Here is her website:


She said she uses the Apilus.

I do not know more just yet as I have not seen her. My appointment is scheduled next week.

I’ll give you some feedback.



What great info to have, for any of my clients relocating to London and a BIAE member too!!! Well done.

Looking forward the feedback S. It will help other users if you can compare the consultations of all three.

For others, there are older posts about Sara if you use the search function. She’s based in Harrow. I believe she uses an Apilus Cleo (HT electrologists - does this do micro or pico?)

I know a few other people who have been since at least for a consultation; I hope they share their experiences as well.

S - I will be particularly interested to know if her set-up and work seems particularly different to the others you visit.

Sara is great but I can’t see her doing large areas or really dealing with the issue of fine hair, but she is accomplished and will totally put you at your ease.

But it’s been a number of years since I saw her. She was too far for me to keep travelling out to.

All the best.

Hi S.L.

Just wondering if there is any update on your consultations?

I just went to the parkside clinic and had a test done, really happy but I was advised to get laser first and then electrology, Sharon advised going to the Royal Free in Hampstead, has anyone does this? Is it time consuming to do it this way?

Hi chiswickgal, which area did she suggest this for? What is your hair like (colour, thickness, density)?

Hi stoppit, I am white but have quite dark and thick hair and I wanted my underarms done. I just rang the royal free and it seems to be roughly the same price as 9 hours of electrology so I’m thinking potentially to just go for electro?

I would do laser for your underarms, though a modern, professional electrologist could do the same thing for you. It would take much more time on the table, but it works for every hair. Go for laser if you have coarse, dense, dark hair.

Hi chiswickgal,

I think if Sharon thought that she could tackle your underarms in a reasonable time and cost, she would do so.

Do you wax or shave? I read that you said you had a test patch and she did not clear. Well, she can’t. Depending on the amount of hair, it can take 45mins to 1.5hrs to clear an underarm. I doubt she would do it in one sitting, it would be over a few weeks. Also, the underarms are very painful, more so given her machine. EMLA would help but getting it on for the 1.5hrs you’d need would be difficult. EMLA works best thickly applied and pressed on to the skin by being tightly wrapped in cling film. So without EMLA, I doubt you’d manage long sessions on the table.

It sounds like Laser is an option for you. The Royal Free is good. There are other places you can go for an consultation too, they may be cheaper. You will probably still need to finish up with electrolysis but then it will only take Sharon 15mins or so to clear an underarm. If you go for Laser, make sure maximum hairs are present. Shaving isn’t a problem but if you wax, wait until it’s all grown back before you start treatments.