electrolysis training Toronto

Where is the best place to train to start an electrolysis business? I am located in Toronto

I’m not familiar with the schools in Toronto but I did meet the instructor from one of the electrolysis schools in the toronto area when I went top the FCEA conference a couple weeks ago. My coworker has been instructed by them, so I’ll ask them for the name.

In the meantime you might consider Swansons Canadian Institute of Electrolysis.They offer a distance learning program, which means you could do your theory portion on your own, and then do your practical instruction with a local Certified Electrologist ( or travel to Lethbridge Alberta for it).


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hee, thanks dee, but wrong thread!


To answer where you can train for electrolysis in Toronto.
My best recommendation is:

Electrolysis College Of Canada
13 Charles St #103
Milton, Ontario, Telephone:(905) 878-9113

Judith Finn is the School Director.

This school is Certified Vocational School by the Ontario Government.

Lucie Desrochers, CPE

Has anyone heard of curoso international school of electrolysis in toronto? It is not registered as a vocational school but it is approved by the federation of canadian electrolysis association. Its a 40 hour intensive course. Thoughts?

yes. I met the instructor from caruso at the FCEA meeting and she has taught my coworker before electrology courses. That’s Who I was trying to think of for you.The Instructor seemed very competent and as she sat at the same table I got to chat with her for quite a while.