electrolysis to finish job

ok here is the deal. i went in for my first lazer hair removal about 3 1/2 weeks ago. i am very disapointed. i now have patches on my face and scars on my neck/lip/chin. there is no way i am going to go back to a lazer hair removal place. so i am going to have the job finished with electrolysis. i went in for my first treatment of electrolysis 3 days ago. my face is still really red in the area that she covered. now i know she is really good, but shuold it be this red for this long? is this normal? i have no problem if it is, but i am paranoid because of how bad lazer hair removal messed up my face.

also i read that you should wait 1 month after having electrolysis done before having lazer hair removal. does the reverse apply?

There hasn’t been much done on combining treatments. It’s possible that your reaction is worsened by recent laser treatment.

There are tips in the Reducing Side Effects forum such as avoiding sun and using 100% aloe after treatment which can reduce redness in some consumers.

You might also want to be absolutely sure you’re done shedding after the laser treatment, before you start electrolysis.

After my treatment (it was IPL not real laser) most of the shedding took place after 2-3 weeks, but there was still some shedding after 4 weeks. Especially where I had been shaving.

No need to pay money and feel pain twice for the same hair !

I personally as an electrologist think that you should see a Doctor! I would not have treated you until the area was cleared up. I hear these stories all the time I sure hope there are some good results out there!!